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Reporting project works and best practices: Online reporting form.

Please read through the following instructions before filling out the online reporting form: Reporting instructions.


Reporting project work

Reporting will start on the first of February, 2017, and be open until the end of March, 2017.
Each school has a StarT contact person who makes sure that all relevant material is submitted through the StarT website before the deadline.
The students’ projects as well as the best practices of the schools (how StarT has been carried out) are to be submitted through the StarT website.
The report thus consists of two distinct parts:
1) the students’ projects and
2) good practices/ideas for carrying out StarT within the learning community.

These are to be reported as follows:
1. Reporting students’ projects includes an online form, which is to be filled in by the StarT contact person at the school. In addition students are to keep a project diary and describe the project on a video of maximum 3 minutes in length. The video should present the different work stages in the project and the final creation.
Keeping the diary should be as light as possible for the students, so creative approaches may well be applied. The diary could consist of photographs, cartoons, or it can be completed in a digital form of storytelling. The diary should answer the following questions:
● What was done?
● How did it go?
● What did the team learn?
● What did the students in the team do and how did the team work together?
● What was good about carrying out the project? What could still be developed?
The project diaries and the videos are considered by the StarT jury in the assessment of the projects.

2. Reporting the best practices in the learning community includes an online form, to be filled in by the StarT contact person. The point is to describe how StarT has been carried out at the school. Also a self-assessment (what was the best part? What should be improved in the future?) and a three-minute video-clip about the possible StarT fair can be included.
The online form for reporting, together with detailed instructions, will open 1.2.2017. However, there is still plenty of time to work on your projects – reporting the projects has to be done by 31.3. at the latest.


Assessment of the projects

The assessment of the project work focuses around creativity, innovative ideas, team work, as well as the presentation of the projects.
The reflections of the students about their own projects also affect the evaluation. They are to outline what they learned during the project and how well they feel they did.

Check out more detailed assessment criteria for the projects

Assessment of best practices according to online reports

In the assessment of the best practices reported by schools the focus is cooperation within the teacher community and with other actors. The jury is also to look for innovative ways to implement projects and possible StarT-fairs organized at schools.

Check out more detailed assessment criteria of best practices

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