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According to studies project work is a wonderful to way learn in a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and phenomenon-based way.

The project can be for example:

  • A small-scale study or a large-scale inquiry
  • Game, simulation or animation
  • Drama, play or musical
  • Mobile toy or a piece of art
  • Application or robot

The project topics are free of choice – the only requirement is a connection of some sort to science or mathematics and the themes of StarT, which are:

1. Everyday Mathematics
2. Nature and environment
3. Programming and robotics
4. Stars and space
5. This works: Mobile toys
6. Technology around us
7. Well-being (health, food, exercise)

StarT encourages schools, extracurricular activity groups, and families to develop their own model of interdisciplinary project-based learning that works best for them. At the StarT fair schools and kindergartens are free to emphasize the topics they feel are most important.

By being a part of StarT you are contributing to the future of the whole world by supporting the makers of our future – our children and youngsters. StarT events help establish a new kind of science fair culture that brings people from all around the world together and allows them to experience the joy of succeeding and learning collaboratively.

In StarT everyone learns from each others’ ideas and innovations. Welcome to StarT!

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9. What kinds of projects have already been implemented at your school, kindergarten, or extracurricular activity?

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