StarT in primary and middle school

StarT emphasizes collaborative learning and cooperation both within the school and with other schools and local actors. In addition, interdisciplinary and integrative learning as well as phenomenon-based learning are promoted.

StarT is not an additional obligation to a teacher’s workload, but a way to support teachers by providing them with ideas to help implement collaborative and interdisciplinary learning. Through StarT good ideas are shared with other schools and everyone can learn from each other. In addition, the students’ creations born as a result of the StarT projects get the amount of attention they deserve and thus help engage and motivate the students in their projects.

StarT projects promote the integration of other disciplines with natural sciences, mathematics and technology. Could the project at your school be, for instance, the development of a delicious but healthy meal to be served at the school canteen? The project could involve at least home economics, health education and chemistry perspectives. Or perhaps the construction of a small hydroelectric power station at the nearby stream or river, in which case at least physics, mathematics, wood-work and handicraft could be involved?

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