International LUMA Newsletter, October 2016


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StarT: joy of sharing and international visibility

Welcome all around the world to learn and share through project-based learning!

Schools, kindergartens, families and extracurricular activity groups from all around the world are invited to invest in the future and take part in StarT to share the excitement of collaborative learning!

StarT gives schools and kindergartens new ideas and support for the implementation of project-based learning and establishes a new kind of science-fair culture that focuses around collaboration. Learning communities network with each other, get visibility, and learn from each other as they see each other’s projects and ideas. In addition, 100 of the best student projects and practices in schools and other learning communities are awarded by the StarT jury to celebrate 100-year-old Finland.

The grand prize of StarT is a trip to to the StarT Gala organized in Helsinki, Finland, on 23rd May 2017. The grand prize will be given to a) at least one project team (max. 6 persons including adults), as well as to b) at least one school / other learning community for the best practices related to carrying out StarT (max. 2 representatives). The award includes travel costs and accommodation in Helsinki for the team.

A live stream of the gala will also be available online. An invitation to watch the live stream will be sent to everyone participating in StarT.

The top 100 project teams will receive special honorary diplomas and exclusive visibility. Other successful teams are awarded with surprise awards.

The most active country will also receive exclusive visibility and an honorary diploma.

Every participant will receive a diploma of participation.

The StarT Gala is a memorable award ceremony where each invited team will be awarded with one of the main prizes.

More information and registration by December 31st »

Photo: Antti Simonen / (CC BY 2.0).